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Scroll through and take a look at the sixteen unique apartments at The Marian! 

Contact us to tour the apartments and for leasing information. Click here for a list of available units! 

Apartment No. 101

Basement Studio Apartment - One Bedroom 

Apartment No. 102

Basement One bedroom, one bath, 695 square feet  

Apartment No. 103

First Floor One bedroom, one bath, 405 square feet 

Apartment No. 104

First Floor ADA One bedroom, one bath, 501 square feet 

Apartment No. 105

First Floor One bedroom, one bath, 575 square feet 

Apartment No. 106

First Floor One bedroom, one bath, 536 square feet

Apartment No. 107

First Floor One bedroom, one bath, 500 square feet 

Apartment No. 108

First Floor Two bedroom, two bath, 1028 square feet with an outside 400 square foot patio

Apartment No. 209

Second Floor Two bedroom, two bath, 1010 square feet 

Apartment No. 210

Second Floor Two bedroom two bath, 905 square feet 

Apartment No. 211

Second Floor One bedroom,  one bath, 536 square feet

Apartment No. 212

Second Floor One bedroom, one bath, 505 square feet

Apartment No. 213

Second Floor Two bedroom, one bath, 805 square feet with a 300 square foot outside patio 

Apartment No. 314

Third Floor Two bedroom, one bath, 743 square feet 

Apartment No. 315

Third Floor Two bedroom, one bath, 652 square feet

Apartment No. 316

Third Floor One bedroom, one bath, 508 square feet

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